Wednesday, June 19, 2024
We need to promote ‘real’ not soft image of Pakistan: Yawer Bukhari

We need to promote ‘real’ not soft image of Pakistan: Yawer Bukhari

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Provincial Minister for Baitul Maal and Social Welfare Syed Yawer Abbas Bukhari has said that we need to promote the real image of Pakistan as no ‘soft image’ kind of thing exists in Pakistani context.

While talking to Hospitality Plus during his visit to College of Tourism & Hotel Management (COTHM), the provincial minister said that Pakistan is enriched with hospitality and tourism potential and all we need is to portray the real image of the country to the outer world.

He also said that tourism is one sector which can earn Pakistan valuable foreign exchange and help Pakistan showcase its natural beauty to the world.

The taste and hospitality in Pakistan is matchless, he said and added that no country in the world has such delicious taste in food and warmth in the people.

He said that hospitality is a wonderful field and those who are working in this field must feel proud because they are representing the most beautiful side of human nature.

He also said that Pakistan must follow the footsteps of those countries which made use of their hospitality and tourism potential and are earning a lot of money out of that.

He further said that COTHM is the best place where people can get required skills to serve in the fields of hospitality and tourism.

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