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Welcome back to the world of hospitality & tourism

Welcome back to the world of hospitality & tourism

Let’s become a part of an invigorated and refreshed hospitality and tourism sector to take it to the professional heights.

by Fraaz Mahmud Kasuri

World of Hospitality & Tourism

world of hospitality & tourism is the fields which majorly depend on human interaction and one-to-one dealings. From traveling to dining and shopping to hoteling, one needs to depend on fellow beings to enjoy the luxuries of these fields. That is the reason that after the spread of coronavirus, the world of hospitality & tourism were hit the most the only that was not allowed in this pandemic was human interaction. Most of the businesses switched to the online mode to survive somehow but unfortunately, people cannot travel and eat online. Everything related to hospitality and tourism got stuck and most of the hospitality businesses shut their operations as nobody can pay the staff for months without running the operations.

Now, the vaccination is in process across the globe. Developed countries have vaccinated most of their citizens while developing countries are setting good targets for the ongoing year. As per the latest statistics, Pakistan has set the target of vaccinating its at least seven crore citizens by the end of 2021. The world is coming out of this trauma gradually but it will definitely take time to forget the have CVOVID-19 has caused to the world. With the help of this welcoming news, we can hope that the hospitality and tourism industries will bounce back with even higher spirits across the globe.

Let’s get blank for a moment and suppose as if nothing has happened to us lately. Let’s join our duties with the same spirit we were in before the outbreak of this pandemic. This is the only way we can overcome the fear of COVID-19. The fields of hospitality and tourism are particularly in need of such high spirits because, soon after their reopening, a big turnout is expected as people have been stuck at their places for last almost two years. Different studies across the world have also stated that hospitality and tourism businesses must prepare themselves for the expected rush of the people in the coming years.

People will resume travelling because there were severe restrictions on local, national and international flights. People will start dining out as restaurants had shifted to takeaways and deliveries. People will start celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and other happy moments at hotels and restaurants because it was not allowed for last two years. Many people who were not marrying just because of the closure of banquet halls will decide a date now to make their events memorable. Travelers will start visiting their favourite places to enjoy vacation as they were closed for the tourists earlier. In short, anything that comes under the umbrella of hospitality and tourism would definitely get a boom and that will be a wonderful chance to fill the gap of the last two years as well.

Keeping this thing in view, the Government of Pakistan must facilitate the sector of hospitality and tourism by creating ample opportunities for the private business owners. The government should also start public-private partnerships to create maximum jobs for the people. It should also facilitate the academic institutions which prepare man force for the fields of hospitality and tourism because students from such institutions work not only in Pakistan but also go abroad and add to the national exchequer.

In the bottom line, the world is being vaccinated speedily and we need to hold our positions to take a fresh and energetic start in the fields of hospitality and tourism. Let’s become a part of an invigorated and refreshed hospitality and tourism sector to take it to the professional heights.

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