Tuesday, July 23, 2024
Workshop on “Immunity-Booster Appetizing Soups” held at Diet Studio

Workshop on “Immunity-Booster Appetizing Soups” held at Diet Studio

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The Department of Food, Nutrition & Safety Sciences, COTHM organized an “Immunity-Booster Appetizing Soups Workshop” at its Diet Studio on Saturday for the promotion of a junk-free healthy lifestyle.

The purpose behind organizing the workshop was to introduce the concepts of flavor-packed healthy meals by educating people with appetizing recipes, designed by expert nutritionists. This, nutrition-based workshop, made people learn stuffed cabbage soup, wonton soup, chicken stew and creamy chicken noodle soup with rotisserie chicken.

The workshop was conducted by internationally-renowned Chef Usama Asghar motivating participants to eat nutritious junk-free meals that can end their typical meal boredom because “NUTRITIOUS can be DELICIOUS”.

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