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Kashif Rabbani appreciates COTHM’s industry-oriented curriculum

Kashif Rabbani appreciates COTHM’s industry-oriented curriculum

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Nishat Hotel GM Kashif Mueed Rabbani visited COTHM to talk to the students on ‘how to follow careers in the hospitality industry’.

COTHM CEO Ahmad Shafiq welcomed the guest and took him to a short visit of the campus.

After his meeting with CEO and founder COTHM Mr Ahmad Shafiq, Mr Kashif greeted students, who stood in line to take pictures with him and ask his advice about their own careers and aspirations.

Hospitality Management students were impressed with Kashif’s professionalism and his longevity as a hospitality expert.

While the students asked a number of questions about his position as a General Manager, the group also asked how he managed to stand out and ascend to higher positions throughout his career. “If you work hard, people will take notice,” was Kashif’s advice for the students looking to break into the competitive landscape of the hospitality industry. Of his current position, Mr. Kashif noted that “a GM’s most important job is to lead,” adding that he endeavors to hire “the smartest people I can find who have great work ethics.”

“We are delighted to welcome the GM and to have the chance to demonstrate how this college is offering a truly tertiary experience for our learners and have a positive impact on our communities and the local economy by providing accessible pathways into learning with seamless progression from further to higher education and into skill-based learning,” says Mr. Shafiq.

Talking to the students about pursuing careers in the field of hospitality and tourism, Kashif said, “If you work hard, people will take notice.”

He also said that being a GM he endeavors to hire the smartest people who have great work ethics too.

While appreciating COTHM’s initiatives, the GM said that COTHM was playing an important role in imparting quality education and it was great to see the innovative learning methods being used at the college.

He also appreciated the industry-oriented curriculum and internationally recognized certifications.

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