Sunday, June 16, 2024
A call to the Government of Pakistan

A call to the Government of Pakistan

by Hospitality Plus Chief Editor Ahmad Shafiq

While making tourism a national cause, the government is taking some praiseworthy steps to let the world have a look at the softer side of Pakistan. From a liberalized visa regime to the free movement of foreigners in the open cantonments, there are several things which are bringing a fair name to the country.

Besides all these good things, the government has recently advertised an updated list of motels, guesthouses and hill stations all over Pakistan along with their rates that will now be available for the general public on rent. Here, the point of objection is that the government’s role in promoting tourism should be of a facilitator. It’s actually not the job of government to run hotels, motels or guesthouses. The government should involve private investors and let them run these properties while facilitating them with security and cleanliness.

In all the developed countries, the governments are not involved in businesses. They are facilitating the business community to attract more revenue to the national exchequer. That is the reason that the countries like Thailand, Germany, turkey, Italy etc. are earning much from their tourism sector. In a country where the government is involved in business activities, the projects of public interest do remain on the checklist of the authorities. Their priorities go with their own interests and benefits instead of those of poor people.

Pakistan also needs an infrastructure that may create maximum business opportunities for local or foreign investors to invest in the field of hospitality and tourism. The government should review its policy of running motels and guesthouses and hand them over to private investors so that local or foreign business groups may be attracted to Pakistan.


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