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Hospitality & TourismGovernment must involve private sector in all its initiatives

Hospitality & Tourism
Government must involve private sector in all its initiatives

by COTHM CEO Ahmad Shafiq

In recent days, the Government of Pakistan has been quite active in launching different new projects and initiatives in the fields of hospitality, travel and tourism.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched Al-Beruni heritage trail at Nandana Fort in Jhelum, Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul freight train is expected to resume operations in the coming months, Gilgit Baltistan and National Bank of Pakistan have joined hands to promote tourism in the region, and a team of foreign experts has been contacted to devise a viable model for PIA etc.

First of all, that is quite pleasing to see that the government is constantly working on the improvement of these sectors. The next step that is very much needed from the government is to involve the private sector in its every initiative in the fields of hospitality, travel and tourism.

Forums should be arranged at all levels to let local and overseas Pakistani investors know more about the investment opportunities available for them in these sectors.

No government can run and put up with all the development projects on its own; it should definitely seek help and guidance from the private sector.

Hospitality, heritage, travel and tourism are all such sectors which are a bit different in their nature and their functionality also needs skilled and relevant man force.

Private sector is already working in these areas and also for a long time now and this can be quite helpful for the government if it makes use of the expertise of the private sector in these fields.

I must say that the dream of Prime Minister Imran Khan about Pakistan as a leading country in the field of hospitality and tourism can only be fulfilled if the private sector is properly engaged and its proficiency is rightly utilized.

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