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All we need is responsible tourism!

All we need is responsible tourism!

by Ahmad Shafiq

Any activity that includes human interaction must be arranged and attended carefully as, if not controlled reasonably, there are chances that human beings might not act all we need is responsible tourism.

During the ongoing heatwave in the country, northern areas and mountainous regions of the country are witnessing a rush of tourists. Where mainstream media is reporting the rise of tourism in the country, at the same time, there are news pieces of major accidents and mishaps in these areas. Social media is also flooded with the video and pictures showing tourists littering in the beautiful landscapes.

This is where we need the concept of ‘Responsible Tourism’ as everything cannot be done by the government or local authorities. We must be responsible and careful enough to take care of our own selves and the people in our surroundings. At the very same time, this is the basic rule of visiting places that one must not litter the area and bin the used items wherever possible but throwing them away is highly culpable. Reporting of any untoward activity during the tourism activities not only brings a bad name to the country but also makes people fearful of traveling to far off places. That ultimately affects the local and national business outlets.

Hotels and restaurants owners and other vendors should also work on the quality of their products for the safety of their guests and goodwill of their properties. In the recent past, many incidents were reported where hotels collapsed causing multiple deaths.

In short, this is a shared responsibility for everyone to behave in a dignified way because anything related to tourism directly relates to the image of our beloved homeland Pakistan.

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