Wednesday, June 19, 2024
Pakistan needs expert leadership to promote tourism

Pakistan needs expert leadership to promote tourism

No country or state can introduce itself better in the world unless it appoints Promote tourism, and expert fellows to highlight its soft and positive image.

The same is the case with the industry of hospitality and tourism in Pakistan. Pakistan is naturally rich with wonderful scenic beauty and multiple food varieties which are enough to attract tourists from across the world towards it. The only thing that is lacking in this regard is the proper representation of this industry in front of the world.

Several departments think tanks, authorities, and boards are already working for the Promote tourism, and heritage in the country but to spread the positive word-of-mouth of this industry across the world, a relevant and professional representation is direly needed.

The government should prepare and train the people to explain the potential of hospitality, heritage and tourism of Pakistan to the world. By doing so, systematic and organized campaigns will be launched to brand Pakistani heritage, culture, food, hospitality and tourism as the main attractions of the country.

With the presence of a specific team, it would be quite easy for the relevant people across the world to approach and contact authorities in Pakistan for new bonds and ventures in the field of hospitality and tourism.

In short, the government, besides working on the good of tourism in Pakistan, must prepare a team of experts which can explain the potential of tourism in Pakistan to the world as per the contemporary needs.

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