Sunday, June 16, 2024
Advancements in hospitality education

Advancements in hospitality education

by Hospitality plus Chief Editor Ahmad Shafiq

This is quite worrisome that our kids still are living in an educational environment where science and arts subjects are the only options for them after passing the middle standard.

Soon after passing the 8th class, the parents and kids get equally confused in opting for the conventional education because they don’t see any future in it due to the absence of practical training and less future opportunities. The current trend of the market is that a student even after investing a huge amount of money and time gets nothing but a longer pause before getting a less attractive job.

In such a case, hospitality education has brought something new and refreshing for the youth of beloved Pakistan. Gone are the days when there were fewer choices in educational field as hospitality education has brought a separate track of education. COTHM has recently launched ‘Matric in Hotel Operations’. Now, the students, after passing the middle standard, can choose a field other than science and arts subjects for them with a surety that after getting sixteen years of education in hospitality management they will not have to wait for reasonable placements. Everybody knows that employers expect employees with practical knowledge and hospitality is a field in which the students are trained for specific tasks. From a chef to a front desk manager, everybody gets relevant knowledge and practice to hold a position in some organization. So, it is hoped that the students will definitely go for hospitality education from the very beginning of their educational career to enjoy a better future with ever increasing placement opportunities.


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