Monday, May 27, 2024
New Year, New Resolutions

New Year, New Resolutions

by Hospitality Plus Chief Editor Ahmad Shafiq

A new year becomes happy if it is thought out well. The beginning of a year always turns up with new hopes, opportunities and prospects. All we need is to be serious towards achieving our aims and goals.

Now, when we have entered into a new year while a new government is already there sloganeering ‘Naya Pakistan’, the sectors of hospitality and tourism have got new spirit. It seems strong that the current government has realised the importance of hospitality and tourism in the pursuit of development as Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed his wish to bring money to Pakistan through tourism. He has recently asked the provinces to locate new sites to attract foreigners to the country. From tree plantation campaign to clean and green Pakistan project, every step of the government is heading towards glorifying the field of tourism.

Honestly, this is a good omen for a country where tourism has never been projected as an industry. Right now, new dimensions in tourism like Religious Tourism and Agricultural Tourism are being carved out to cater maximum number of people while new airlines are being introduced to let the world know how beautiful and peaceful Pakistan is.

At this juncture, let’s resolve with the beginning of the New Year that every one of us would be at the beck and call of the government in making Pakistan a developed and prosperous country.

Happy New Year!


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