Friday, June 21, 2024
Tourism in Pakistan: A Chance Not To Miss

Tourism in Pakistan: A Chance Not To Miss

by Hospitality Plus Chief Editor Ahmad Shafiq

Opportunities and chances are the most awaited phenomena in the lives of the people and histories of the nations. Those who avail them make their mark in the history while those who ignore become history themselves.

Pakistan, at this point of time, is faced by a bunch of opportunities; the most attractive among them are the fields of hospitality and tourism. This is the high time when Pakistan should move one step ahead and profit from the impending prospects of a sparking future. The induction of new airlines, modernized visa regime, flexibility in the movements of foreigners and a distinct relaxation for religious tourism are the steps Pakistan has already taken to move forward towards becoming a nation among nations. All that is needed is to continue with the current momentum and let the people sense a changed and reformed Pakistan.

There are a few things the government should not overlook and be efficient in their enactment. All the projects the government has publicized should be initiated and completed within the announced time frame. Railway canteens should be reformed and abandoned government buildings should be transformed into rest houses while existing tourist spots and destinations should be improved and upgraded. Further, a national-level tourism policy is a must to introduce this industry to the outer world in a better way. In short, a more focused and concentrated approach towards tourism can help Pakistan get itself out of any crisis coming its way.


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