Friday, July 19, 2024
Welcome to Pakistan

Welcome to Pakistan

by Hospitality Plus Chief Editor Ahmad Shafiq

Pakistan, a place where we enjoy a variety of weathers, a range of cultures and a diversity of landscapes, has always been a point of attraction for the tourists around the globe. A country with such a splendor and beauty direly needs authorities to develop an infrastructure making it easier for the world to be our guest. Current government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has recently introduced a liberalised form of visa regime to the world in which some necessary steps have been taken to promote tourism in Pakistan. E-visa for 175 countries and visa on arrival for 50 countries is quite appreciative on the part of the government. Declaring AJK & GB to be non-restricted areas and announcing free movement of foreigners in open cantonments would definitely increase the confidence and interest of the travellers in Pakistan.

An American business magazine Forbes in a recent listicle titled “10 coolest places to go to in 2019” has placed Pakistan in the list and this is the high time when the government can take steps to give a welcoming gesture to the world. We need to tell the world how beautiful, pleasant and safe we are. The soft and secure image of Pakistan would definitely earn a better future for our next generations as well.

Where all these efforts are being made for the uplift of the tourism in Pakistan, the most important thing now is to continue these determinations with ever increasing pace. It can eventually make Pakistan stand among the developed countries of the world.

Stay blessed!


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