Friday, June 21, 2024
Youth, Hospitality & Tourism

Youth, Hospitality & Tourism

by Hospitality Plus Chief Editor Ahmad Shafiq

To uplift a country, the most important role that one can play is the youth of that country. And to engage the youth in some purposeful and innovative activity is the real task; an activity that can be done with a wishful heart and adopted as a profession. In this very scenario, the most appropriate engagement that I suggest for the youth of my country is to join the tourism industry that holds great potential in it. I must say that this is the only industry that fully relates to the youth as only young people can find pleasure in talking to the people and serving them in a professional way. Either its kitchen affairs, hotel operations or airline management, all the sectors related to the hospitality and tourism are engaging, exciting and challenging and only youth by all means can fulfill the requirements of these sectors. Right now when we are confronted with lesser job opportunities and reduced business prospects, this is the time for our youth to come to the front and try their energies in a field that is spreading all over the world with ever increasing speed.


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